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Jigoku Shoujo 9

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Summary: When two sisters want to open a patisserie, the younger Yuka goes to famous Chef Morisaka to get his opinion on their opening menu - only to find that he later steals it and claims it as his own! No one now goes to their bakery, and they're financially flailing. Yuka goes to Ai for help, and then to see Morisaka - only to see that he's a heartless man with no regrets for what he did. Can Ai take him to hell and still leave Yuka and Hiromi's business intact in the process?

Review: Good episode. Apparently the Food business is just as ruthless as any other, and it was nice to see this quality come out in the show. No Ai development for a few eps, but that's okay. We're not even halfway done with the episodes yet, so I'm not worried.


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