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Jouou 3

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Summary: Aya faces sexual harrassment at work, and asks her colleagues to help her fight back. But she realizes she can't do it physically, and so she is just honest - turning one of Club Piano's most notorious sekuhara customers into one of the sweetest men alive by just talking to him. Through this, Alisa gets spurned, even though reaching no. 1 for the competition, her customers were all from her stint in Kabukicho. Leaving Aya to become no. 1. Her relationship with Oogami grows, and when she tells him she doesn't want to sleep with him to get ahead, he seems understanding and orders drinks, laughing gently. But later, he takes her drugged into a room and...

Review: Hot damn. Aya's purity is winning over everyone. From the male customer's point of view, that must be very refreshing (if not more attractive for the "virgin" factor) instead of Alisa (who just exploits her fabulous boobies all the time :D). This was a really great episode. It's just a story, of course, but wouldn't it be great if something like this really happened?


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