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Jouou 4

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Summary: R-1 begins with a bang as we're introduced to the rest of the Tokyo area's number ones - Shibuya, Asakusa, Roppongi, Kabukicho/Shibuya, and more. Things get ugly as rumours start to spread that Aya is a makura - meaning she's slept around to get on top. Then the dazzling Ginza queen, Maho, debuts with a sparklingly clean kimono and gorgeous keigo (old-fashioned polite speech), and the manager pulls Aya aside...

Review: Going to do bullets here since it was such a fun episode.
1. Shibuya's Megu is A++. I love cat-girl maid hostesses! Too bad she's not real. :(
2. Alisa doing naked photoshoot before R-1 for popularity = really fucking low. But fun to watch! :D
3. Ginza's Maho is awesome. As the oldest at 36, she doesn't seem to care what everyone else says.
I can't wait for the next episodes!


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