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Jouou 5

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Summary: Aya recieves news that her mother has passed out in the hospital - when she goes to see her, her mother berates her and slaps her in the face for taking up her hostess job. Meanwhile, Maho seduces Aya, trying to convince her to team up with her to beat out all the other contestants in the R-1 competition. Aya, unsure of her options and motives, agrees to unite with her. Maho says she'll teach Aya "Everything" about winning, and so when she brings her #1 customer to a hotel for sex and hides Aya in the closet to watch, Aya sees Maho's back and gasps in recognition of what's there...

Review: Poor Aya, she SO wanted sex from Maho. XD So Maho's yakuza? That's what they're implying, at least, with that entire-back tattoo. Pretty awesome though, the Maho/Aya pairing. Looks like Maho's really serious about helping Aya though, at least that's what's in the next episode preview. And the Kamakura number one? Whoa.


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