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Jouou 7

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Summary: Turns out Ozaki was lured by Asakusa's Reika up to the hotel room with the bait of "wanting to talk". When she tries to jump him, he refuses and leaves. He explains things to Aya, and she understands. He asks her to let her dreams come true with him. At the hospital, Aya asks her mother how her father and mother fell in love, and she answered, "because he wanted for our dreams to come true together". Meanwhile, Ozaki comes by the club, and asks to speak to the owner. He wants to buy out Aya, making her the Jouou?!

Review: Oh jeez. Things are really getting heavy now. It's a face off between the owner and Ozaki. Does the owner have a thing for Aya or something? Also what made me lol - when the guy who's pouring Maho's wine looks under the table and sees some guy "servicing" her, spilling the wine. A+. XD

*also totally unrelated - I'm putting BLOOD+ on indefinite hold since I'm quite bored with it at the moment. I watched ep 7 and was underwhelmed. It seems there's too much filler, and I don't want to deal with that right now. :D


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