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LISA - I, Rhythm (PV)

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LISA's back with a hardercore rap image, and I'm not quite sure how to feel about it.

On the one hand, this single is great - easily danceable, fun to shake one's ass to. On the other - her new look. As much as I LOVE being able to see her ample rack and dancing, she's gone a bit Koda Kumi with her moves (the part where she um, makes sweet love to the floor?). That made me a bit uncomfortable. It still brings me right back around to the wish that she hadn't left m-flo at all.

It's nice, though, to see her finally comfortable enough with her body to show it a little. Being Japanese and Colombian has made for a larger body and bone structure than pure Japanese, and so for quite a few years you never really saw her in anything revealing. But honestly, she's gorgeous and has nothing to hide. I applaud her courage to finally be able to show her goods off.

In the end? About this video. Don't get me wrong - LISA's a wonderful artist solo, but this video made me feel dirty. In a bad way. Stick to singing, to the artful videos you did before with storylines - constant dirty dancing just makes me sad.


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