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Loveless Anime Drama CD 3: Soulless

Summary: Ritsuka, Yuiko, and Yayoi go off to Shibuya to play for one day, after Soubi invites Ritsuka to an Onsen in Hakone along with Kio - to which he firmly refuses and orders Soubi to go by himself. But when Yuiko announces she's going to be majorly late, Yayoi and Ritsuka are forced to "play nice" in Shibuya by themselves. And they get scouted and abducted by some AV company, who wants them to "lose their ears" to the woman who scouted them...At the same time, Ritsu-sensei makes some presentation at a psychology conference, meeting Ritsuka's therapist by chance as she uses him as a case study to present. While in Hakone, Soubi asks Youji and Natsuo to keep a subtle eye on Ritsuka.

Review: AHAHAHAHA YAYOI GOT REJECTED BY RITSUKA FOR PURIKURA. A+. But yeah, losing one's ears? Hello, loli!Ritsuka. This one was good for laughs, if nothing else. And Ritsuka's therapist fangirling over Ritsu-sensei was just too much. XD


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