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Mai-Otome 1

Summary: When Princess Mashiro is killed, a distant male family member has a GEM that will turn him into an exact likeness of her. In order to catch her killer, he goes undercover at Gardenrobe Academy for the Otome, where fanservice, boobies, and lesbianism are quite in style.

Review: Oh god. [twitches] It's. All. Wrong. -___-; Then again, the Mai-HiME manga was filled with fanservice. But honestly, this just messed up the entire premise of the TV series, too. They make Mashiro dead, a boy change into her, take Arika's GEM and make it his, etc. But at least there was some good boobie fondling on Arika's part with Nina, and Chie's just as awesome as she is in the series. But still, I don't think I'm going to continue reading this - for when he changes into Mashiro, all of the male plumbing is still there. :( OH THE HUMANITY!

Mai-Otome (anime)
Mai-HiME (prequel) (manga)
Mai-HiME (prequel) (anime)


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