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Mai-Otome 8

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Summary: Arika's old friend Miyu comes to Gardenrobe to see how she is, and Arika asks her help on how to break the contract that she has now with Mashiro. Meanwhile, Shizuru and Natsuki already know about the Azure Gem, and debate what to do about it. With Nao's help the girls gain access to the Forbidden Library, where they find a databank that has information dating back all the way from when the first pioneers came to the planet. But it soon disappears, and the girls find themselves in a giant Otome graveyard! Meanwhile, the Black Valley descendants make a pact with the current king of returning things to "old times" using Slaves...

Review: Another good advancing episode. We got some background info on what things were like before the peaceful period in Windbloom, and this sets things up for the next arc to come. Looks like next week is another fanservice episode, but hey, I'm not complainin'. ;)


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