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Mushishi 1

Summary: They are not plants, or animals, but something in between. They are called Mushi, and those who investigate them are called the Mushishi. Ginko, a Mushishi, investigates cases where there are mushi, and helps people along the way.

Review: Wow, Ginko looks a whole lot younger in the manga. But I think I prefer the older Ginko instead. Anyway. I don't think I've been this addicted to manga in awhile. Everything is perfect - the stories, the art. Mushishi definitely deserves the prize it got in 2003 from Kodansha, and more. I can't wait to read the rest now.

Stories in this volume:
1: Midori no Za (The Seat of Greenery)
2: Yawarakai Tsuno (The Tender Horns)
3: Makura no Kouji (Pillow Alley)
4: Mabuta no Hikari (The Light of the Eyelids)
5: Tabi wo Suru Numa (The Travelling Swamp)

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Mushishi (anime)


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