the usagi incidents


Mushishi 2

Summary: A man in the mountains possessed by angry Mushi who abducts children and claims them as his own; a girl and her grandmother who keep a wherehouse full of Mushi historical documents only to have them come to life; a girl who is chosen to be the Goddess of the People like other young ones before her who is forced to drink a dangerous mushi to do so; a man who sees mushi in rainbows; a boy born coloured by mushi pigments now living with infestations in his body - can Ginko help all of these people before the Mushi in them, or the people around them, destroy them all?

Review: I rather liked the stories of the Mushi historical documents and the Goddess of the People stories the best. Somehow, Urushibara really outdid herself with those two storylines. The Mountain Man was also pretty good, as he was already famous for stealing kids and Ginko busts his chops for it. I like how these volumes aren't really too closely connected together so that anyone can read them from any volume and not feel lost - which is good for me, since I haven't found 3 and 4 used yet (though last night I found 5 and 6 used - score!!). I'll be doing things a little out of order. :)

Stories in this volume:

1: YAMANEMURU (The Sleeping Mountain)
2: FUDE NO UMI (The Sea of Writing Brushes)
3: TSUYU WO SUUGUN (Those That Suck Dew)
4: AME GA KURU, NIJI GA TATSU (The Rain Comes, the Rainbow Rises)
5: WATABOUSHI (The Bride's Silk Headdress)


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