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Mushishi 6

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Story from: Volume 2, Chapter 3

Summary: Ginko travels to a seemingly barren island, where a boy named Nagi claims there is a "living god". Akoya, his friend and childhood love, is this living god with what turns out to be a Mushi colonizing her nose which makes her live and die daily in an endless cycle to produce a "cure-all" for the villagers. She does not see, hear, notice, or remember him. In order to save her and the ones before her infected with this life-draining Mushi, Nagi asks Ginko's help. Together they find the source, but with disasterous results...

Review: God, this was a sad story. If I recall this is from the second volume of the manga. It doesn't need to be said that the manga-to-anime transition was seamless and poignant. After reading this story originally I cried for a few hours just because it was so sad. This girl martyred herself to her father, a man that didn't care how she felt. She martyred herself for nothing, under false pretenses. She could have escaped with Nagi. She rathered a false and useless happiness to a horrible reality. Perhaps this is why I related to Akoya so well.


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