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Paradise Kiss 6

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Summary: Caroline goes to her modelling job, and discovers that she loves doing it. Her relationship with George gets hot and heavy, and Arashi worries about Miwako falling back in love with Hiro after meeting him after all of these years.

Review: Wow, those sex scenes were a bit graphic. Seeing George on Caroline didn't make me too glad. :/ That aside, the modelling scenes were done gorgeously - someone put some money in the pocket of the staff, it seems. But again, we're only about halfway through the series and a lot of the manga is done. No fillers, for the love of god!


  • At 4:34 AM, Blogger hashihime said…

    Don't worry about fillers. There are 48 chapters in the manga and we just finished chapter 23. Since we are now exactly halfway through the scheduled 12 episodes of the anime, we are more or less right on track.

    I loved this episode, for its subtlety, intensity and realism. Of course, I love this whole series. No other current anime operates at this level. Strong stuff.


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