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Paradise Kiss 7

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Summary: Caroline shacks up with George, and is surprised to see that he's taking care of her in every way possible. But knowing internally and with increasing fights with him she can't rely on him forever, she sets out to discover herself and her own possibilities by meeting with Mikako about a friend's modelling agency after failing to get a regular part-time job.

Review: As well-done as this show is, it's verbatim from the manga. Which usually would be a good thing, but I was kind of bored by this episode. The quality is fabulous, as is the merchandising following the show, but as I've read the manga several times, I'm not shocked or surprised by anything. At least they matched the voices well here during certain scenes. I hope they throw in something not in the manga (that makes sense) to spice things up a bit for next week. :/


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