the usagi incidents


Rozen Maiden 5

Summary: More is revealed about Suigintou's past and her master as she goes to visit Megu in the hospital - Megu, being convinced that Suigintou's an angel come to take her away from her pain and illness. Suiseiseki mourns for her sister's Rosa Mystica being stolen, thus sending her into a deep sleep. When she enters Shinku's dreams, she remembers everything about her sister and Shinku reveals one powerful concept that she learned during her own long slumber: The Sea of Unconsciousness and the Sea of Memories. Kanaria announces herself to Hina Ichigo, but the two pretty much keep to themselves in this volume. Also, Jun's old teacher comes to visit him, and we finally find out what drove him into being a Hikkikomori.

Review: What a volume! So much was revealed that it was hard to keep up with everything. I was kind of disappointed that Kanaria got so little face time, especially since in the fourth volume Peach-Pit implied she would finally become a major player with the rest of the Maidens. Still no Barasuishou - but the next volume comes out on 1/26, and according to BIRZ Monthly as of this month she was introduced to the rest of the cast. We'll see how things go from here.


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