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Rozen Maiden: Traumend 6

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Summary: A dying girl named Megumi goes to the hospital church one night, only to find and reawaken Suigintou (who, last season, was "junked" by Shinku). Suigintou at first scoffs at Megumi's plea to use her energy to end her life, and then has memories of when she and Shinku fought last. When traveling her old n-field (which is coincedentally the same that Barasuishou uses), she meets Barasuishou, who tells her that Father has restored her for the sake of the Alice game. Suigintou now has a new reason to fight, and becomes protective of Megumi. Visiting Shinku in her dreams, she says that she'll junk her good when she gets the chance. And Shinku, in relief, apologizes for junking her previously. Also, in the doll shop where Jun frequents, Barasuishou reports for duty, confirming that everything was "going to Father's plan"...

Review: This explains why Barasuishou was 1. using the same n-field as Suigintou and 2. had Suigintou's spirit power with her during that first fight with Shinku. But wtf is Father's plan? Twisted guy. :/ Also it was nice to see Suigintou loosening up a bit around Megumi in the end, saying "You're not junk - don't you dare say that." Awesome. Definitely one of the best episodes of this season.


  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger Garten said…

    This one was really good, wasn't it? The writers really know how to string viewers' emotion with Megu's condition. And then there's Suigintou and her character development. This was such a treat and I hope the rest of the episodes continue to be this good.


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