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Tokyo Jihen - Shuraba

Tokyo Jihen's first and only single for 2005 signals their return to the market with new members - stronger and better than ever. "Shuraba" is the theme song to the third season of the popular taiga drama Oh-Oku (coincidentally, one of Shiina's favourite tv shows), and boy is it ever fitting. The entire song itself is saturated, dripping with decadence to the extreme - just like the show.

The second track, Koi wo Maboroshii, is a cover of the 70's hit Get It Up For Love and I think I came when I first heard it. Someone's been practicing their English. It doesn't particularly outshine the A-track on the single, but it gets pretty damned close.

The third, Rakujitsu, is quite quiet and will remind hardcore Ringo/Jihen fans of "Ekimae", "Kokoro" and other soft songs they've done before. I fell asleep listening to this song, it was so relaxing.

If any of you Ringo fans were worried about the future of Tokyo Jihen when two members left late this past summer - worry no more. Ringo and the gang are back, and at their best. If anything, next to Gunjou Byouri, this has become my favourite single from them since Ringo stopped being solo.


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