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Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~

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Summary: (animenewsnetwork) Photographer Kohei Morioka, while on assignment for a magazine devoted to the occult, enters a dark castle in Germany where he encounters a young vampire girl named Hazuki who tries to turn him into her servant. While Kohei doesn't succumb to Hazuki's will, he does set her free from the barrier keeping her in the castle. He is surprised to find her living with him in Japan. When she arrived in Japan, she went to Kohei's house where he was living with his grand father, and began to live with them forcefully, because Kouhei had lost his mother during his childhood, Hazuki reminded him of his childhood and helped her to look for her mother. Then, another vampire girl, Elfried, and Count Kinkell came to Japan in attempt to bring her back to the castle.

Review: It took me a few times to watch this series in order to really enjoy it. It seems really typical at first, but it's just in general a really fun show to watch with a good blending of both comedy and the supernatural - much like Loki was. And of course, Hazuki. I loved how she struggled with both personas as "Luna" and "Hazuki". Perhaps that was all just a metaphor for adolescence, but still. It was a joy to watch her mature throughout the series. Neko-mimi-mode!!



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