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Best Artist Awards 2005: Nakashima Mika and Ito Yuna

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Brief opinions on the performances here:
-"Glamourous Sky" is a good song. However, it's best when it's not acoustic - it loses some of its punch and message without the hardcore guitars. Note that this is not a failing of Mika's voice, but just of the feel of the song entirely.
-"Endless Story" is great acoustic. If anything, it makes it more dramatic and enhanses the message.

Misc. stuff:
-Yuna, PLEASE release another single soon. Aren't you getting tired of singing that one damned song repeatedly? At least demand that you be able to sing "Journey", too. :/
-Thanks to the NANA boom Japan's currently under, this certainly helped bolster the numbers for the sales of both singles and everything related. They even had little charts to show it, and it was pretty clear where the target demographic was when who was buying the singles (though the part about quite a few guys buying the "Glamourous Sky" single was really surprising).

Honorable Mention:
Congrats to Yuna for being the year's biggest breakthrough act - maybe the biggest one in the last ten years! Americans represent!


  • At 6:50 PM, Blogger Joseph said…

    My dear sister in Hokkaido loves Shiina Ringo. She would faint if she met her in person.


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