the usagi incidents


Doku Hime 2

Summary: The boy who would be king. The boy's brother, who would also be king. The armies of the king out to get one small but dangerous Princess - Belladonna. The King's sorceror, and his own horrific tale of poisoning others - but intentionally instead of Belladonna's natural poison. The boys protect Belladonna against a host of angels, armies, demons, and of course, the sorceror himself, who only wants to use her for experiments because of what she is..

Review: Hot damn, I love this series. This is definitely ranking up there now with Happy Family as my favourite Mitsukazu series of all time. I love this work. She should just drop Shigeshoshi and concentrate everything on finishing Doku Hime instead. ;_; The parts with the sorceror were funny and horrific - especially when we're given a peek at how he poisons people (candy and apples) - a clear wave to some of the oldest fairy tales around the world. I can't wait for the next volume to come out.


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