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House 0 (Unaired Pilot)

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Summary: Plot is same as the aired version pilot, but with four extra minutes and scenes that were cut for the broadcast version.

Review: A lot of changes with this rawer version. First we find out how long the ducklings have been working for House (Cameron for six months, Chase for a year, Foreman just joining the team), how juvenile Wilson is (grabbing House's cane to stop from him from shutting the elevator door to make a point), how much crasser/sassier House is than what the FOX censors allow. The opening is also different, and I'm glad they changed it for the broadcast version - this one was a bit on the retarded side. I'm kind of sad they cut so much from the aired pilot, but c'est la vie. At least I had a chance to watch it and find more out about the Ducklings.


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