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House 15

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Summary: Just before mobster Joey Arnello spills the beans in federal court and enters witness protection, he collapses. Is he faking? A court order instructs House to find out – and fast. House and his team struggle to diagnose and cure Joey while Joey's brother Bill tries to slow things down and keep Joey from testifying. Meanwhile, Cuddy struggles to convince Vogler that House is an essential part of the hospital.

Review: Oh wow, Wilson and House need to "christen" the car. [snicker] Apart from that, it was kind of sad how Joey wasn't able to tell Bill he was gay. But in the end, it was great that he finally accepted it. If you love family, you do that. The mafia power was pretty awesome, though.

Bill: Joey is not gay.
House: Maybe not gay, but certainly delightful.

House: But I have a theory. There is one chemical that, if ingested, it causes a person's estrogen level to increase dramatically.
Bill: What is it?
House: It's called...estrogen.

Dr. Chase: The hematoma caused the coma.
House: That's a catchy diagnosis. You could dance to that.

House: But unless I've been named as the fourth part of the Axis of Evil...


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