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House 16

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Summary: House must fire one of his doctors and leaves them to think about it while they deal with an overweight 10-year old child who suffered a heart attack as the result of taking diet pills. House is also faced with a woman who won't accept surgery for a 30 lb. tumor because she wants to remain overweight.

Review: With this I'm officially finished reviewing season 1 and caught up all the way until this coming week's episode. YAY!

That aside, this is one of my favourite episodes of the first season, if not for just the snarkiness. But it does bring about some sour truths - 60% of Americans are obese (not just fat, but obese) and it's getting worse each year. I'm glad the writers finally decided to address this situation and bring it to the attention of the audience. Good job, guys!

House: No, there’s no time to think! Say the first thing that comes to your head.
Chase: She’s fat.

Foreman: Have you seen the latest research?
Chase: Yes, I have. What I haven’t seen lately is a kid eating an apple or riding a bike. You Americans can’t even compete with the rest of the world in basketball anymore, unless, of course, it’s the type you play with a remote control on a big screen TV.
Foreman: Right.
House: Wait! Are you going to let him say that? He insulted our basketball teams!

Foreman: It’s some kind of game, House’s own version of “Punk’d”.

House: On what? Sharon’s plan for Gaza?


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