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House 2

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Summary: A 16-year old high school student, Dan, starts suffering from nightmares and frequent hallucinations, and he reveals he was hit in the head while playing lacrosse at school. Dan is apparently suffering from MS, and risky brain surgery is needed. Meanwhile House must deal with a patient looking to set up a lawsuit and a mother who doesn't believe in vaccinations.

Review: Yes, I'm finally getting caught up with all of my backlog from season 1. Aren't you guys happy?! Oh early snippy House. Too bad not all of the wonderful Cuddy funbag jokes aren't in the early eps. Still good though. And the Ducklings are so tame here! This is nostalgic. A+ Paternity bet, btw.

Choice Houseisms:
Cuddy: How's your hooker doing?
House: How sweet of you to ask. Funny story - she was going to be a hospital administrator, but she hated having to screw people like that.

House: General Hospital's on channel 6.

Cuddy: Do I hear there's a PATERNITY BET on the patient's FATHER?!


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