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House 30 (S2 E8)

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Summary: ( House and Chase find themselves in a serious situation after a young mother with stomach pains dies. Months later, Stacy counsels Chase prior to his disciplinary hearing, and must determine whether Chase made a mistake that ultimately led to the patient's death. She soon realizes he is holding something back.

Review: The episodes just keep getting better this season. Sadly, no Chase/Cameron resolution, but Foreman's now House's boss. Oh god. This is going to get ugly. Awesome. Yes. The Chase/Stacy snarking was pretty great. However, a lot of the fandom is all uppity about House's seeming joke about being gay - saying the writers were being "cruel". A joke's a joke, guys. Take it in stride. But it was quite nice to get more of a Chase character development and a link back to the first season about his father - also nice to see that he's not so pretty and perfect as the surface makes him out to be, either. :)

Choice Houseisms for this episode:
Stacy: Anything else you hiding from me?
House: I'm gay.
Stacy: ...
House: It explains everything, doesn't it? No girlfriend, always hanging around with Wilson...
Stacy: [Rolls Eyes] oh PLEASE.

Sam: Are you Dr. House?
House: Depends. Are you going to hit (points at Foreman) Dr. House?

House: (opening his pills) Childproof? How many kids are hopped up on Vicodin?

House: Chase loves me...and it isn't Turkish.


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