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House 4

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Summary: When a virus is spreading among the hospital, infecting six babies, House and his team must make decisions that could compromise the lives of the babies.

Review: This was really sad. :( I felt bad for all of the babies, and you could tell House was having a hard time with his decisions on what meds to take the kids off of. Question - were the two Asian women a lesbian couple? They hinted at this, but I'm not so sure. I may have to watch the episode again since it wasn't really explicitly said.

Choice Houseisms for this episode:

Pregnant Girl/Jill: Do you think you...
House: No
Pregnant Girl/Jill: ...could do the prenatal...?
House: No
Pregnant Girl/Jill: ...or deliver the baby?
House: That would be ‘no'.
Pregnant Girl/Jill: Okay...
Pregnant Girl/Jill: Thank you so much. I gotta get you a gift or something.
House: Sometimes the best gift is the gift of never seeing you again.
Pregnant Girl/Jill: Okay, all right!

House: This is our fault. We did this. Doctors over-prescribing antibiotics. Got a cold? Take some penicillin. Sniffles? No problem. Have some azithromycin. Is that not working anymore? Oh, got your levoquin. Antibacterial soaps in every bathroom. We'll be adding vancomycin to the water supply soon. We bred these superbugs. They're our babies. And they're all grown up and they've got body piercings and a lot of anger.


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