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House 5

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Summary: A nun whose hands are red, swollen and cracked is sent to House. The nun believes it is stigmata, but House suspects an allergic reaction. He gives her some pills, which cause her to become unable to breathe. As her condition worsens, her fellow sisters pray for her while House and his team work to discover the cause of her illness while House has to wonder if he misadministered the illness.

Summary: Oh god, the one nun watching some wet and wild MTV music video was so hilarious, I nearly wet myself laughing. Good House/Wilson interaction here. I lolled muchly. Also good character development with Chase - he was in seminary school? Oh my. Naughty thoughts there. :D

Choice Houseisms for this episode:

Dr. Wilson: Sixth circle of Hell?
House: Confined in a sweat box with a bloody nose and all the tissues are soggy.
Dr. Wilson: I think that's the Seventh?
House: Nope. The Seventh . . .
Dr. Wilson: God, you must be fun at parties.
House: I think we both know the flaw in that theory.

Dr. Wilson: You want to come over for Christmas dinner?
House: You're Jewish.
Dr. Wilson: Yeah, Hanuakah dinner. What do you care -- it's free food.

Sister Eucharist: (The hypochondriac nun) tends to believe in things that aren't real.
House: Really? I thought that was a job disciption for you people.

House: You know how it is with nuns - take out their IUDs and they bounce right back.


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