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Ito Yuna - MTV Advance Warning Special/Bioclens CM premiere

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Well, to prove that Ito Yuna (REIRA from NANA) isn't just a one-trick pony, MTV has put out the ADVANCE WARNING special on the making of her new single, "Pureyes", coincidentally the new themesong to the contact commercial from Bioclens.

How do to feel about this? I'm SO happy Yuna's being given another shot at singing. I mean, I love "JOURNEY" and "ENDLESS STORY" but she needs new songs. She wrote this one herself, and talked about it. Gushed, more like. But it gave me this sweet feeling in the pit of my belly - she's so passionate about her work, and you can fairly feel it radiating off of her.

I can't wait for "Pureyes" to come out. For real.


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