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Jigoku Shoujo 10

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Summary: Minami and Shiori became friends after Minami transfered to her school. But Minami was soon left behind in favour of "cooler" girls, and she never got over that hurt. She's depressed and wants revenge on Shiori. She asks Ai's help, and then gets her Hell Doll taken by Shiori. Shiori nails it to one of the trees on the grounds of a nearby shrine, and Ai's team nearly interferes only to watch instead as Shiori's rejected by the cool girls, and uses Minami's wish for friendship to gain revenge instead...

Review: This was one of the best of the season. No, seriously. It was perfect. It had a nice little twist at the end and of course we all knew that Shiori was going to Hell anyway. Also - the change of the Jigoku Tsuushin curse mark has changed - it's now at the upper left shoulder instead of the middle chest. Does location mean different forms of damnation? I wonder.


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