the usagi incidents


Jouou 8

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Summary: Ozaki and Tatsuya's brother have teamed up against him to take the R-1 rights away - leaving him with nothing, and leaving Aya as Queen! But will Tatsuya give in so easily? More importantly, was Ozaki's affections for Aya purely for this motive alone? Aya travels to the office of Tatsuya's father, gets on her knees, and begs for his mercy...

Review: Nice - finally some emotion from the robot that is Tatsuya-shachou. Nice speech he made there about his dream being all about making his customers' dreams come true, even for those who can't always afford it. Is he falling for Aya? I love how her purity is winning over the most hardcore of salarymen - even if he still has ulterior motives for the R-1. And what's going on with Ozaki? Nice with Aya's starting revenge against Ozaki. "I'll fight to the very end", as she promisd Tatsuya. Exxxcelent.


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