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Mai-Otome 9

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"UMI - MIZUGI + SOUNAN = ?! (The sea minus a bathing suit plus a disaster = what?!)"

Summary: Arika and the Gardenrobe crew travel to the ocean - the first one Arika has ever seen! But this is a trip all Otome students fear, for it's a test of their skills and wits with no mercy from their teachers and senpai. But when a Black Slave shows up, it all goes to hell as Arika falls from a cliff after being struck...

Review: An even mix of fanservice and plot development here, I'd say. I'm getting a bit fidgety with the reluctance by the staff to reveal the signficance of the Black Valley Descendants/Slaves and how that deals with the rest of the Otome cast. Then again, we have 26 episodes and we're not even half done yet.


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