the usagi incidents


Mushishi 3

Summary: While travelling, Ginko encounters a girl whose voice causes things to decay, a man whose wife was taken by the sea only to see her again in Mushi form, a village whose number one beautiful woman grows one tooth in the roof of her mouth each year to be sacrificed for the rice harvest, and a dish from a potmaker that when made contained all of her hatred and anger and now inflicts suffering on others. Finally, we find out about Ginko's past - why he lost his eye, and the woman he loved as a child, Nui-Ginko.

Review: Of course, Ginko's story was the best of the volume. The kanji they used was really interesting - the characters for silver and mushi and plate. As the "ko" in Ginko is apparently too outdated for use, I can't write it here since I can't seem to find it anywhere. It seems whenever someone ingests the Tokoyami Mushi, they lose their left eye all prior memory and take the name "Ginko". However, our Ginko through the guidance of Nui in the darkness managed to salvage his memory, though not his eye. Poor Ginko. He really loved Nui, and she just tried to protect him from the darkness - his first real encounter with Mushi, other that what he would just see.

Stories in this volume:
1: SABI NO NAKEGOE (The Cry of Rust)
2: UNASAKA YORI (From the Borders of the Sea)
3: OMOI MI (The Heavy Fruit)
4: SUZURI NI SUMU SHIRO (The White That Lives in Inkstones)
5: SUGAME NO UO (The Scrutinizing Fish)


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