the usagi incidents


Mushishi 4

Summary: In this volume, Ginko encounters one of a set of twins who loses her sister one day when helping an old man with his silkworms under a cover of silk, A bridge that only appears once in the middle of the night, a boy who sees spring Mushi in the deep of winter that make him fall asleep until spring, a mysterious bamboo grove in which ghosts of the past haunt one white bamboo tree, and finally a young lord of a village encounters a self-proclaimed "son of the mountain" in his youth - only to be changed forever.

Review: This was a GOOD volume. I mean, each one is a good volume, but I liked this set of stories better than volume 3's. As scandalous as this is. I enjoyed every single story the same, and they all rank high. I hope that "URO MAYU TORI" or "HARU TO USOBUKU" make it into the anime, somehow.

Stories in this volume:
1: URO MAYU TORI (The Cuccoon That Takes Emptiness)
2: HITOYO BASHI (One Night Bridge)
3: HARU TO USOBUKU (The Roar and Spring)
4: KAGO NO NAKA (Within the Basket)
5: KUSA WO FUMU OTO (The Sound of Walking Upon Grass)


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