the usagi incidents


Mushishi 5

Summary: In this volume, Ginko encounters Mushi from the sea able to grant rebirth/reincarnation to those who eat it, a Mushi who lodges itself in the eye of others - curing blindness and eventually causes insanity for those who have it, a Mushi that is fire and that buries itself into the stomach of the host - making them breathe fire, and a Mushi in an artist that creates landslides.

Summary: The fact that two chapters were spent (gorgeous colour pages I might add) on the first story (the sea Mushi) gives it more merit than the others. And it should, as it (next to the fire-breathing woman) was the best story in the volume. As a whole, Book 4 was better, but still gems as always to be found in Ushibara's work.

Stories in this volume:

"OKITSUMIYA (The Shrine of the Open Sea)"
"GANBUKUGANKA (The Good Fortune Eyes)"
"YAMADAKU KOROMO (The Clothes That Embrace Mountains)"
"KAGARINOKO (The Bonfires That Line The Fields)"
"AKATSUKI NO HEBI (The Snake of Dawn)"


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