the usagi incidents


Mushishi 6

Summary: In this volume, Ginko travels and meets a woman who caught a falling star and is now prone to be whisked away into the air by it at any given time, a Mushi that lives in seashells and slips into the ears of listeners thus taking away their voices, a man who can kill with his right hand just by a few seconds of touch, a snow Mushi that has wormed its way into a boy effectively making him a human snowman, and finally a boy whose father accidentally started to brew Kouki through flowers collected in local fields - making others think he's a Mushishi.

Review: This whole volume was really good. I got a bit squeamish at the story of the man who could kill with touch - that on some kind of subconscious level just freaked me out. The seashell story was really sad - that girl's father just was so abusive and unhelpful. And the Mushishi convention with the fake-Mushishi was just hilarious but interesting - accidentally brewing Kouki? I suppose stranger things have happened. The hard part now is waiting for the seventh volume to be released. [wibble]

Stories in this volume:
"Tenpen no Ito (The Threads of Natural Disaster)"
"Kiezuru Kai (The disappearing shell)"
"Yoru wo Naderu Te (The Hand That Lessens the Night)"
"Yuki no Shita (Under the Snow)"
"Nozue no Utage (The Banquet at the Borders of the Fields)"


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