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"UNASAKA YORI (From the Borders of the Sea)"
Story from: Volume 3, Chapter 2

Summary: Ginko meets Shiro, a man who lost his wife after she mysteriously disappeared in a foggy mist by boat two years earlier. Ginko eventually figures out that this was the cause of a Mushi of the Sea - one attracted to those who have lost all hope and wish to escape. Michihi, Shiro's wife, reappears when they find that the time is right for the Mushi to appear once more, only to find that she has become the embodiment of the Mushi and not human any longer...

Review: I'm surprised - they actually added more to this story than what was in the original manga. If memory serves, Shiro doesn't settle down into the village until AFTER he encounters Mushi!Michihi again. But I really didn't have a problem with this change - if anything, it actually made the story more linear and easy to follow. Also, the colours used on this were just a great as usual, and an interesting approach was taken with the animation. There weren't as many black lines used nor outlines, so it made for a fuzzier yet more comfortable approach. It got confusing sometimes but otherwise was a nice change. Good work, Mushishi staff!


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