the usagi incidents


Mysterious Skin

Summary: (amazon) Brian Lackey and Neil McCormick are so different by nature that they might never have met except for a shared incident at age eight. One summer afternoon, a storm forces the cancellation of a Little League game, and Brian catches a ride home with his coach and Neil. Ten years later, Brian still can't remember that afternoon, although he suspects that it was a turning point in his life. His search for answers eventually leads to Neil, who helps re-create the afternoon of seduction and sexual abuse that Brian has blocked from his mind.

Review: Now that I've read the original and can rewatch the film, I'm happy to report that Araki adapted nearly every single word perfectly from paper to screen. I was amazed - reading the book and then rewatching the film. Perfect, everything. I was crying at the end of it, since it was just so perfect. "He wasn't an angel. We weren't angels." This is Heim's first novel, and it was so grabbing and amazing. You can bet this will be on my reread shelf for years to come.

Final Review: A+


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