the usagi incidents



Summary: Takumi's cheating on Hachi with other women - Hachi knows, but as long as she's "Number One in his heart" that's fine with her. Blast is currently enroute to Osaka to perform a live at a radio station. Ren's gotten himself a cocaine habit. Yuri's run away from the production dorms, causing her manager to go on a manhunt to find her whereabouts because she ran out on her contract - effectively costing the company hundreds of thousands of yen. Miu and Yasu continue to develop their relationship via email - but without her knowing that he's now seeing famous model Shion on the sly. Their manager hires a new worker, Suzuki - who's actually Nana's old friend, Misato! - and has her live in the talent dorms - and in Miu's room! Shion takes a liking to a Blast fan and gives Nana her letter - with the exact name as her old friend Misato, though far younger! Meanwhile, Reira stays with Ren to help him through these tough times, talking about his upcoming marriage to Nana, and an innocent hug outside catches the paparazzi's eye and gets the picture sent to Nana. Ren thinks that Nana loves Yasu, and he has a plan to "oust him from her heart" - also saying that lately he's had the desire to murder her so she can forever be "only his". Finally, we're taken back in time to when all members of Blast and Trapnest meet in high school, setting the stage from here on out.

Review: How does Yazawa Ai manage to pack THAT much drama into one volume that's around 200 pages? Jesus Christ. Doesn't surprise me that Takumi's boning other chicks - he seems the type to be doing that. Same with Ren and the newly minted cocaine habit. I'd like to find out more about Shion and why she was with Yasu, though. I have a feeling that will be covered in the next volume - and it looks like Ren's going the Sid and Nancy route if you know what I mean. This was such a quick read - the pacing just flew by and in a good way, that barely an hour had passed and I was already finished with it. ;-; Looks like another six months until we get the next volume, too.


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