the usagi incidents


Nodame Cantabile 2

Summary: There’s a new kid in town, and Nodame had better be on guard. Her new rival plays timpani like a dream–and has the hots for Nodame’s crush, Shinichi Chiaki. Plus, a wretched old man has his eyes (and hands) on Nodame. It’s a lot to handle, for a girl who has trouble just keeping her room clean. . . .Shinichi has his own problems. A famous conductor starts a new orchestra at school, and Shinichi finally gets his chance to conduct. But he soon discovers there’s more to the craft than just following notes on a page. Could this hard lesson unexpectedly turn his life around and change his destiny?

Summary: So, I can't figure out if the new kid is male or female. They call her Ryuutaro and something else. I'm really confused. She looks like a boy, sounds like a boy, but isn't? I'm assuming that Ninomiya made this character androgynous on purpose, but it's still hilarious when Chiaki gets all freaked out and homophobic around him/her since he can't even figure out what he/she is.


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