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Nodame Cantabile 3

Summary: Student prodigy Shinichi Chiaki just can’t shake Nodame, no matter how hard he tries. Now he is forced to tutor her and Mine all night. So much for music being comforting! Then Shinichi gets a golden opportunity: the chance to temporarily fill in for Maestro Stresemann as conductor for the S orchestra. But after an unfortunate mishap, the maestro defects to the A orchestra and challenges Shinichi to a public-performance duel. With only weeks to prepare, can members of the inexperienced S orchestra pull themselves together to rival the confidence of the A orchestra? It’s going to take a lot of hard work–and inspiration from a certain free-spirited girl with a crush. The battle Shinichi can’t afford to lose has begun!

Review: Okay, I'm starting to lose interest now because it's getting just a little repetitive. As much as I love Nodame's antics, Chiaki himself is just getting boring even with the "character development" going on here. It just got more and more repetitive as the volume went on. Kind of like bashing one's head against the wall. Dammit, Nodame, you showed such progress, too! Welcome to my dropped pile. :/


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