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Paradise Kiss 10

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Summary: Isabella's backstory revealed! The dress nearly finished! George creates Blue Roses out of White! George gets even snarkier as the deadline approaches - letting Yukari take the full brunt of it. And Hiro comes to Yazagaku to see the Parakiss crew, bringing the story full circle from the prequel, Gokinjo Monogatari.

Review: Oh god I was afraid they weren't going to do this ep, but they did. Thank god. Isabella's backstory is essential to understanding George as a foil, and Isabella herself's troubles with her own body/sexuality/etc. They did such justice to Isabella's backstory and it makes me happy. This gives me hope that they'll keep the ending, since it was the strongest point in the manga. If not, well, they'll get hate mail. And lots of it. :D


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    Paradise Kiss is nice too! I like Ai Yazawa,the author of Paradise Kiss and NANA.


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