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Paradise Kiss 8

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Summary: Caroline needs permission from her mother to enter into Shimamoto's modelling agency. She consults the parakiss crew, where the general consensus is that she should return home in order to mend relations with her mother and get permission. Meanwhile, George's mother gets crazy insanely jealous (wtf oedipus complex?) about Caroline living with George and does some snooping around. Finally, Arashi, Miwako, and Hiro have hit a rough patch with their relationship, forming another triangle that makes Miwako cry.

Review: Agreeing with Garten on this one - four eps left to cover the last two volumes of material, and here's hoping the writers don't fuck it up. Animation's done such a good job with this anime, there's almost no need to read the manga and vice versa. I don't think I've seen such a faithful adaptation before, ever.


  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger hashihime said…

    I love this series. Even more faithful adaptation: Honey & Clover, which had more episodes to work with, so it could be more faithful. For most of its run, H&C was almost frame by frame and word for word with the manga.


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