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Paradise Kiss 9

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Summary: Yukino (George's Mother) and Caroline continue to battle for supremacy in George's heart after Caroline goes back home to live with Mom. Her mother's condition for becoming a model? Finish school and pass your tests. She goes to Hiro for help for the tests, still unable to forget the days she lived with George. Also, Miwako and Isabella get their tiara confiscated by Hamada-sensei, thus sending them into freakout mode with the contest only days away - making the rest of the ParaKiss crew aware of the realities of working in the fashion industry.

Review: Good for Caroline for resisting George's wiles! This episode emphasized perhaps the best part in the manga - Caroline grows up and stops depending on others, stops following others blindly and begins to make her own choices and take responsibility. However - as Garten said, not much of volume 4 was covered here, which brings the concern of shafting Isabella's backstory in favour of time constraints. Which, quite honestly, would be awful, since Isabella's backstory is just as important, if not more so, than what's currently going on with George and Yukari. Her story determines the group dynamics for ParaKiss. I really hope this doesn't happen. :/


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