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Rozen Maiden: Traumend 7

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Summary: The Maidens make cookies for a tea party. Hilarity ensues. In the middle, Kanaria bursts in after a botched attempt to spy for her Master, and the girls invite her in for cookies and tea - while Kanaria is convinced that everyone's out to get her and wanting to take her Rosa Mystica, eat her instead. She announces her intention to fight them to become Alice, after contronting Souseiseki. Jun and Tomoe come into the doll shop, where they see Father "giving life" to a new doll. We're also introduced to Kanaria's owner after a battle with the other girls. Her mistress loves to make clothes for the Maidens and tortures Shinku and Suiseiski into modelling for her. Finally, Shinku and Souseiseki talk about the Alice Game and its consequences - and Shinku announces she has no intention to fight any longer...

Review: OMG, Shinku's Kun-Kun cookies are AWESOME! Best moment: Suiseiseki literally shoving cookies down Kanaria's throat. Kanaria's cute but fucking annoying. Her owner suits her well. I must say though - plot development is slow in this ep and unless you pay attention to the scene with Father and the final scene, you miss it. It gets lost in the fluff. I wish they had more serious episodes more often, but as the manga is still being written, there's not much they can do.


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