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Rozen Maiden: Traumend 8

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Summary: Suigintou sits in the hospital church, remembering her last conversation with Shinku about how no one will be junked now. Megumi comes to her, saying it's bad news - her doctors say she has less time to live, and requests that Suigintou use the rest of her life as soon as possible, saying that since birth she's been junk anyway. Barasuishou appears and to seduce Suigintou into the Game, tells her that Rosa Mystica can heal Megu's illness. Hina Ichigo and Kanaria are still fighting for supremacy, and Souseiseki is troubled by nightmares of Father suffering. Suiseiseki can't seem to reach her emotionally. Souseiseki goes into her dream N-Field, into Father's house and sees him crying, where Barasuishou arrives and tells her to relieve father's pain and become Alice for him. Souseiseki makes her choice while Jun is with Enju, the man who so looks like father - explaining to him that if dolls have no love while made, they will be junked in the end. But the love given will last with them. Souseiseki comes to the rest of the Maidens, and informs them of her choice.

Review: Yes! More character development. It's nice to see Suigintou caring so much about Megu. Barasuishou and her medium are quite a pair - what will come of all of this? There are four episodes left, and I have a feeling this episode has set the pace and tone for those last four as they're hinting that Suigintou will be facing off with Souseiseki next week. Second-best ep of the season.


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