the usagi incidents


XXXHolic 7

Summary: Watanuki's one step closer to getting his wish of not being able to see the ghosts that have been haunting him since childhood. When Doumeki saves him from a ghastly spider's web and gets his left eye injured in the process, Watanuki exchanges the same eye for him and now can only see through his right eye. But what will happen when the "Spider of Darkness" returns to Doumeki's temple, or Yuuko's shop?

Review: Heh. "Hon no Mushi", eh? That was a dirty trick, CLAMP, having the Book Worm eat the solution to getting back both eyes for Doumeki and Watanuki. And implying that Himawari had something to do with it. Now I have to know what the hell's going on between those three and that evil spider.


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