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Donnie Darko (Japanese Novelization version)

Summary: The Japanese translation and novelization of Richard Kelly's "THE DONNIE DARKO BOOK" by singer, songwriter, and mangaka D[di:]. Donnie, a borderline-schizophrenic adolescent for whom there is no difference between the signs and wonders of reality (a plane crash that decimates his house) and hallucination (a man-sized, reptilian rabbit who talks to him). Obsessed with the science of time travel and acutely aware of the world around him, Donnie is isolated by his powers of analysis and the apocalyptic visions that no one else seems to share.

Review: I loved how they just kind of left entire chunks of dialog untranslated, and then translated ones into something that made no sense and/or had nothing to do with the dialogue at hand. Then again, a lot of the jokes in the book and the film are uniquely American, and are therefore pretty hard to translate over into Japanese without doing many many many cultural translation notes as an appendix. Still, I really enjoyed the comic parts of the book - D[di:] was just the right person for this project. The translation itself was done the best it could have been, considering the amount of cultural barrier there was to be considered. I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Give this book a try.

Final Review: A

Donnie Darko (original theatrical edition, 2001)


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