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Honey and Clover: Chapter L

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Summary: This is the story of how the Hachikuro gang met Romaya-senpai, someone they dearly loved. The story of room 103, the senpai who worked for his parents' meat store. A Father-figure, making sure everyone was always well-fed. With a perpetual stock of meat and tomatoes, his generosity well known - but one day, because his father collapses and becomes ill again, he goes home, taking the meat with him!
In the second half of the episode, Mayama reminices about the Densetsu Hero kigurumi dog guy from his childhood - who could win over ANYONE with his fluffy, strong appearance. And how it was, in the end, Romaya-senpai in the kigurumi, bringing comfort to thousands!

Review: An excellent side story - I don't think it was in the manga. Morita taking Romaya's place and being a singing-Densetsu Hero was hilarious. This episode made me realize how much I miss watching Hachikuro weekly. I may just rewatch it now for the hell of things. :(


  • At 5:34 AM, Blogger shine said…

    Actually the Romaiya Sempai incident was in the earlier parts of the manga. I don't recall the exact chapter, but it was in there. I rememner being disappointed that they didn't air this scene when Hachikuro came out. I'm glad this episode is included it with DVD5. Now to wait for the remaining special episode of Hachikuro :D


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