the usagi incidents


Jouou 9 + 10

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Summary: Aya and Ozaki split fondly, with him saying he wishes he could have met her in a different way (not as a hostess). Aya cries, and talks to the manager about it all. He tells her that she's the only one who seems to have her heart still in this business, and that she should be careful. Aya doesn't listen, blindly believing the best of everyone, and that pain is surely a precious feeling in one's life. Megu plays dirty pool and brings in some of her old friends to help her get to the top - which folds when a show of selfishness brings all of her customers to Aya! Aya throws off the yoke of Maho when Maho tells her to lose her virginity for the sake of the game, and instead she takes Reika and Megu under her wing, seducing them into the final battle against Aya!

Review: WHOA, full frontal lesbian sex on network television! TV Tokyo, you're the Fox of Japan and I love you for it. Otherwise, wtf, Maho. Just turning your back on Aya because she wants to keep her purity. That was kind of shocking in of itself. Two more eps to go - what will happen next I wonder? ;__;


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