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Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku 1

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Summary: Aruto, a student writing his own version of Alice in Wonderland, one night sees Arisu, a costumed girl going after another and stabbing her through the heart with a key! Later at school, he finds out that she's an Alice Historian - one who is competing to get the entire volume of the final lost edition of Alice, Endless Alice - whose existance lies in the minds of girls everywhere. After inviting her over, much to his chagrin, he finds out that his own little sister Kiraha has the same abilities and the two fight! Will he choose Kiraha's memory of her own Alice page over his new friendship with Arisu?

Review: Wow, I really like this show so far. Even though it has the obvious moe little sister tones, the lure of something involving Alice in Wonderland is too good to pass up. I hope that the rest of the series is this good.

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